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     Happy Memorial Day!  A huge THANK YOU to the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and way of life.  Those sacrifices have made this a great country to work and live in.  And for those currently serving and sacrificing in that honored tradition, may the Lord light your path safely home. 

     Please congratulate Mike Healan for stepping up to fill a vacant Tribal Council member seat, filling a vacancy created by a recent resignation.  We on the Council look forward to working with him.  Expect a bio about him soon on the Meet Our Tribal Council page on this site.

     We will be having our quarterly membership meeting at some point this fall.  When the date and location are finalized, the information will be posted here and on our Facebook page. 

    If you have noticed that previously posted stories have been removed, fear not.  The texts of the stories have been moved to the ARCHIVES page of the site.  Pending Tribal Council approval, the tentative plan is to create a link to our photo inventory and include it on that page as well. 


  I ask that anyone with information or news that needs to be communicated to the membership, contact me at siteadmin@thesumtertribeofcherawindians.org.     

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A People Once Lost, But Now Found

From the Administrator:  Updated on August 27, 2017 

Upcoming Events and Fundraisers
  • Attention:  Tribal Business Owners  The South Carolina Minority Affairs Office (with the assistance of the Native American Advisory Committee) has compiled a Business Directory for businesses that are owned by registered members of state or federal American Indian tribe members in South Carolina.  For more information on getting listed in this directory, contact Chuck Scott or White Eagle for additional details.
  • The same committee is attempting to secure funding for some type of college scholarship fund for American Indian students who are graduating from high school.  The number of issues to be resolved makes it likely that it might finally be available to someone currently in preschool.  But, we are working on it so I thought to mention it.
  • A bill has been submitted to exempt members of state recognized American Indian Tribes from hunting and fishing license possesion requirements.  This bill will also remove restrictions of the sale of cultural art items that contain the preserved remains from game animals.  The bill is currently in some committee's inbox with further action pending but not scheduled.  For the near future, plan to buy a new license when yours expires! :)
  • Adult GED Classes Interest being measured.  If you or someone you know is interested in attending GED classes, please contact me.  At this point, the names aren't even important if you wish to keep that secret but we are trying to determine the level of need.  Well, we know the need is there but we are wondering about how many would participate if classes and/or tutoring were to be made available, free of charge.

http://cma.sc.gov/  This link takes you to the Commission for Minority Affairs  website (which manages American Indian assistance programs as well as other minorities in South Carolina).  Follow this link to see what government programs you may be eligible for.  Remember, not only are you a member of a state recognized American Indian organization, you are also considered a minority and are eligible for most of the minority assistance programs that exists.  If you have any questions, please email me and I will attempt to get you an answer.  It is your right to take advantage of the programs that your status qualifies you for!

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The Sumter Tribe of Cheraw Indians

*  The General Membership Meeting will be held at the Sumter County Library on September 9th at 2 PM. Anyone that is able to attend is encouraged to do so.  This will be your opportunity to be heard.  Tribal Council Membership Election will be held in December 2017.  Nominations must be submitted 90 days prior to the election.  Refer to the Bylaws and Tribal Constitution for required Council member qualifications.  The deadline for nomination submissions will be announced at the next General Membership meeting.

The 4th Annual Boston Butt sale was a huge success!  Many thanks to those whose efforts made the fundraiser possible and to those who purchased those delicious treats. 

* Congratulations to Rosanne Healan, winner of the YETI Cooler Raffle.

Once again, another fundraising activity met expectations due to the energy and effort of the Tribal Council and the participation of the Tribe and their friends in the local community.  This type of result insures that other cooler raffles will be planned.  A cooler raffle prior to the next General Membership meeting is being planned but not finalized, at this time. 

"The Sumter Native American Indian Festival" is set for November 11, 2017 between 11 AM and 3 PM!  It will be held on the Sumter County Museum grounds in Sumter, SC. 

The Edisto River Singers will lend their talents to the festivities by providing culturally authentic drumming and singing throughout the event.  Members of our own Tribe will don their colorful regalia and demonstrate various cultural dances commonly performed by our ancestors. Vendors will be on site to provide snacks and beverages.  (No coolers, please.)  Official cultural artists will have some examples of native art available for purchase and your viewing pleasure.  Local tribal memorabilia and crafting material will also be available for viewing and purchase.  This event welcomes anyone interested in experiencing a taste of American Indian culture!

This project is partially funded by the Sumter County Cultural Commission which receives support from the John and Susan Bennett Arts Fund of the Coastal Community foundation of SC, the South Carolina Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts.


*  Our Tribe is officially a non-profit organization!  Any profits realized during any sponsored events are to benefit the Tribe.  Recouping investments are not considered as realizing profits.  Donations (if you care to help fund The Tribe's activities} are now tax deductible.  Forms are available through any Tribal Council Member.