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With a heavy heart....

   It is with sadness and regret that we bid farewell to a wonderful and caring member of our family, Carrie Lee Scott Ardis.  The Lord welcomed her to paradise on December 10, 2017.  .Our deepest condolences to her family.  On December 13th, visitation will be held from 1 to 2 p.m. followed by the funeral service at 2 p.m. at Stephens Funeral Home in Manning, S.C.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was blessed to know her.

Welcome to The Sumter Tribe of Cheraw Indians' website.

     The website of the ONLY American Indian group in Sumter County that is recognized as such by the state of South Carolina. 

   As promised, Tribal Council positions were voted on and awarded based on the nominations submitted in September and by acclamation of the members of the Tribe that were able to attend the General Membership meeting on December 9, 2017. 

  For years, Chief Ralph has been the recognized leader of our Tribe.  Our Tribe would not be where it is today without his leadership, dedication and knowledge.  In honor of his selfless efforts, it is the will of the Tribe that he will always carry the title of Chief. 

   With that being said, the burdens of leading and representing the Tribe should be borne by someone to whom those burdens are more easily shouldered.  With an eye to the future, George Truesdale has been granted  the title of Chief and will be known as Chief George Truesdale of The Sumter Tribe of Cheraw Indians.  Please support and encourage him as he represents and leads our Tribe.

   Other positions voted on and approved by acclamation were:

Vice Chief:  Francis Benenhaley

Secretary:  Pam Benenhaley Holland

Acting Treasurer:  Ansley Ray

Karen Hudson:  Tribal Council

Tammy Stevens:  Tribal Council

Courtney Tice:  Tribal Council

Chuck Scott:  Tribal Council

Mike Healan:  Tribal Council

Samantha Benenhaley Geddings:  Tribal Council

Lawrence Carrigan:  Tribal Council


  If you have noticed that previously posted stories have been removed, fear not.  The texts of the stories have been moved to the ARCHIVES page of the site.  Pending Tribal Council approval, the tentative plan is to create a link to our photo inventory and include it on that page as well. 

       I ask that anyone with information or news that needs to be communicated to the membership, contact me at     

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A People Once Lost,
But Now Found

From the Administrator:  Updated on December 11, 2017 

During the recent cultural celebration, a fellow American Indian graciously donated a collection of artifacts to the Tribe.  A special thanks to Jim Brown for his generosity.  He communicated his wish that these items find a home where they would be appreciated and displayed with respect and honor. 

The Sumter Tribe of Cheraw Indians