The Sumter Tribe of Cheraw Indians

Christmas Parade Float

With a Tribal Flavor!

Though the day dawned cloudy and cool, the hardy float decorating gang braved the elements and transformed White Eagle's plain but drab utility trailer into a colorful masterpiece of a parade float.  From the ceremonial drum on the front, to the contemporary tree decorated with culturally themed ornamentation, the float was a shining example of the wonderful results achieved when our people are willing to pull together to work toward a common goal.  The culturally relevant regalia crafted and worn by the float escorts added a vibrant touch to the parade.  A big Cheraw "thank you" goes out to those who contributed and worked so hard to make this float a reality.  It is certain that this float would have won the Best American Indian themed float award if one were presented! 

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The quarterly general membership meeting was conducted on November 12 at Heath Pavilion.  The turnout was light when compared to the number of members listed on our roles.  Most of the usual participants were in attendance, along with some folks from out of town.  Several members received their traditional names.  A couple of comments were made concerning the need for more participation by active members at meetings such as these.  Also, when neighboring tribes hold gatherings, it would benefit us as a Tribe and as individuals to make an effort to attend.  The rituals and traditions were a joy to watch and learn about.  Some of those folks put a lot of effort into their regalia and they are entertaining to see.  The connections and experience we gain at these events will benefit us in the future when we acquire tribal property and attempt to host similar events.  I ask that anyone with information or news that needs to be communicated to the membership, contact me at     

Archived on 5/29/2017